Life Day : 2013

Today is Life Day

It’s the day that I am grateful to be alive. It’s the day that I am grateful for all the wonderful things and people and experiences and circumstances in my life. It’s the day that I didn’t die.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful for these things on other days too, but this is a special day because two years ago on this day I was in a wreck that I technically shouldn’t have been able to walk away from, but I did. In fact, I not only walked away but was visibly unmarked aside from a small bruise on the inside of my lip from the airbag giving me a palm strike to my face. 


Now today was a pretty typical Saturday. I went to the store with Mum. I vacuumed my room and I cleaned the bathroom and I made dinner for my family. Nothing extraordinary, except for… well, it is. All of that is extraordinary. When I was at the store this morning I noticed a lady shopping that had no legs. I could have no legs. There is no reason in the world that my legs shouldn’t have been crushed along with the entire front end of my dad’s car. I’m so grateful I still have legs and can do all of those perfectly “ordinary” things.

This year I went on adventures. I made tons of new friends all over the world. I have a brand new stamp in my passport. I met my nephew and cuddled him. I built relationships and am convinced that I have the most incredible friends on the planet. I sat and listened to beautiful music. I learned new things. I looked at the stars. I swam in two different oceans. I hugged people. I felt the sun warm my skin. I talked about life and truth and my amazing Heavenly Father. I had my family.

I’m so grateful for all of that.

I am determined that I will always be grateful for all these things I have been so blessed with today, just in case there comes a day when I don’t have some of them anymore. 



Happy Life Day. 

Stay beautiful,



2 thoughts on “Life Day : 2013

  1. Sometimes it takes almost losing something to be thankful for it. Two weeks ago I was told I had Congestive Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension, neither one of those spell long happy life. The thought of having to one day leave this life behind by no choice of mine was devestating. Yesterday, however, I was informed that the Echo was miss read. My heart is fine! I have another chance to live this life with renewed joy! Life day!

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