Packing up.

This is how I pack a carry-on for an international flight.

Now this is not my first international flight, or even my second, but my most recent international flight was USA to Iceland and the most important things in my carry-on were my doll Mara and my pink blankie.

It’s been a while.

So that being said, I might have overpacked. But this is what I did and after the trip I’ll let you know if it was too much or not enough.


Firstly let me say my new carry-on bag is huge. Massively huge. If things get dire I could probably wear it as a skirt… or maybe a parachute. Sheesh. Anyway…

I am packing an entire outfit change. Partly because it’s going to be a warm day in Aus when we land and also because I dont trust airlines to be able to get my luggage from point A to point B and want a back-up.

{from left to right}

1} Dress

2} Wool socks {these are in case the plane gets cold}

3} Light hoodie {again, for the plane. I wont travel without this thing}

4} Compact purse {I like to organize things to the hilt and this nice flat job fits into just about any space quite nicely, and holds #5}

5} Sunglasses

6} Bag of assorted food. Nuts, granola bars, dried cherries, and some tea. Why? I get hungry a lot and airplane food is dumb. Just saying.

7} Flip flops {again, in case of lost luggage}

8} EMPTY water bottle with built in carbon filter. To be filled up once I get through security from a water fountain or sink {hence the filter}


A bag of assorted odds and ends and emergency items. As well as my clutch wallet that contains my passport, identification, cash, currency, and a Visa debit card. My emergency bag contains the following items that I plan on using shortly before we land to hopefully avoid looking as bad as I think I’m probably going to look on arrival. Not holding my breath but I figure I would try. 😉

9} Tic tacs and chewing gum {for the pressure}

10} Lip balm and tinted lip balm

11} Natural sleep aid

12} Mouthwash*

13} Travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste*

14} Hand lotion*

15} Mascara

16} Face and hand wipes

17} Portable phone charger

*= the only carry-on items that will have to be placed in a separate bag for security. I purposely take as few liquids and gels as possible.


Fun stuff.

18} Sketch book and markers, pens, and colored pencils

19} Journal

20} Gratefulness journal

21} Reading glasses

22} DVD’s {some of my faves: Dickens, Disney, and DC comics ;)} and a thumb drive with a few extra movies  {it’s a 16 hour flight, for goodness sake!}

23} Sonic Screwdriver

24} My adventure buddy: Pascal

25} Ear buds and headphones

26} iPod

27} Instax camera

I wanted to take a book but I cant make a decision so that may or may not get thrown in later.


There you go… I feel like I could face anything with that stuff.

Oh. Remember what my room looked like before?


Yeaaaaah. Pretty bad.


Well this is what it looks like today. Before and after. It’s a beautiful thing. And my floor is vacuumed which is even happier.


Gracious. You’d think I was moving. But hey… the airline gave me 2 free checked bags and 2 free carry-ons. Why not use them? 😉

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a bit from Aus… but if not, I shall have lots to tell and show you when I return. 🙂

Stay beautiful,



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