Posey, packing, and the best way to fold your shirts.

Hello, my name is Alaina. This colorful disaster is how my room looks when I pack. Yes, every time. I will say this time it seemed a little extra chaotic this time because I happen to be packing for a 3 week adventure in Australia.

Yes. Australia. Down Under type of Australia.

I leave Sunday. I’m a little bit excited.


Rainy days are for british tea and listening to Les Miserables.


Oh, you havent met bunny yet. Well this lop-eared fluff ball is called Posey. She joined our crew last Saturday and she is settling in beautifully. Technically, she belongs to mom but we are buds and I’m still going to miss her when I’m gone. She’s a sweetheart.


She’s still fairly little as you can see… oh and apparently she likes to hang out in my closet.


Time for a new soundtrack… this time, Tangled. On repeat. And I sang. And danced. And sort of packed. Pascal is very little help with packing, by the way.

So that was my day. To be honest, I enjoyed it. Everything is still a mess but most of my packing is done and I just have odds and ends to finish up before leaving on Sunday.

If you’re interested in absolutely the best way in the entire world to pack shirts… keep reading… if not, then enjoy the rest of your Thursday and…

Stay beautiful,

The Best Way to Fold Shirts :: DIY Wednesday… only it’s Thursday.

{this is how the Army teaches recruits to fold their shirts, by the way. My brother Gabriel taught me =) }


See how neat it is? And nothing comes unfolded.


Step 1: Lay the shirt out flat.

Step 2: Fold the hem under 2-3″


Step 3: Fold in both sides and sleeves.

Step 4: Now fold into thirds.


Step 4: Roll it up!

Step 5: Tuck the roll into the folded end to secure.


See? Neat, tidy, and so awesome. I love it for globetrotting, but also for keeping my drawers neat at home. It will save space, keep you organized, and they double as an excellent substitute for snowballs if you need something to throw at someone. 😉


4 thoughts on “Posey, packing, and the best way to fold your shirts.

  1. I will be living in Malawi and Tanzania for four months this fall and I’m allotted a carry on and one checked bag. Definitely trying this when the time comes!
    PS- I love Posey! And the way you edit your photos!

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