Bahamas Cruise :: Day Three :: The Wide Open Seas

We disembarked from Nassau Sunday morning for our “sea day.” In the morning, Dad bought tickets for us to go on a several hour “behind the scenes” tour of the ship. We got to see the galley and the laundry and the bridge and even meet the captain! It was fascinating and very informative, but unfortunately there were no cameras allowed. 😦 Sad day.

Then in the afternoon we had a memorial service for my grandfather who had passed away the week before. My dad and his siblings all spoke and my mother played the piano and it was really a lovely service. It’s a blessing to be with family.


Goodbye Nassau, it’s been fun. Stay awesome.


Goodbye really beautiful water and warm weather.


It’s windy up on deck.


The crew make up these towel critters in your room every night and also fold them out of the pool towels on the deck lounge chairs. They are really cute. Bunny and elephant were my favorites.


My dad and his siblings and my grandmother.


We’re only missing three… I love my family. Michael, Katelyn, and Gabriel wish you were here!


My grandmother, “Besta.”


Okay, I know these are fuzzy and dark and not very good but they are just happy snaps and I love these two crazy kids a lot. Really. We had just gotten through a fun day and a freezing swim complete with racing each other down water slides and shivering in the oceanic wind. They are pretty rad. Jo and Beka, thanks for sticking around.


I ended this day with singing karaoke for the first time {sorry, no pictures, I was a little busy holding a mic 😉 } and then by sitting out under the stars again and enjoying all the fresh air and wild beauty that was surrounding me. And also by working on my ability to photograph stars without a tripod but that’s a whole different story…

“I have loved the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night.” -Galileo

In all it was a wonderful trip and a grand adventure and I am so grateful for the experience.

Stay beautiful,



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