Bahamas Cruise :: Day One :: Miami, FL and the Wide Open Seas

My grandmother took all of our family on a weekend reunion cruise the first weekend of February. It was wonderful and we had a fantastic time getting to see new places and family again.

If you havent ever taken a cruise you should consider it because they are incredible. Everything is taken care of and you dont have to worry about anything. You just sleep when you want, eat when you want, and play the rest of the time. They’re great!

Anyway, here are some shots I took the first day at our hotel in Miami and as we set sail.


Good morning Miami, thank you for being warm and sunny even though it’s only February.


Warm enough to wear strappy sandals even. I was a happy girl.


It must be nice to live somewhere that is warm enough year round to have an outdoor pool you never cover and can actually use. I would miss winter, but the warmth was a nice break.


Sailing out of the harbor.


The wind was ferocious as we got out to the open sea… but for a girl raised in Iceland and Oklahoma it wasnt at all daunting. I happily stayed up on deck and let the wind tangle my hair. =)


I ended my first day of vacation by babysitting my adorable nephew, Travis-man. I miss this little guy and his parents because they live so far away, so I was happy to get to hang out with him a bit.

Day Two coming soon!

Stay tuned and stay beautiful! 😉



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