Life Day :: 2012

Today is Life Day.

One year ago I rear-ended somebody. I crunched the other car and totaled my Dad’s SUV. I should have been crunched. The whiplash I endured should have caused major trauma to my spine and caused neurological damage and seizures. It should have been really bad.

I walked away with one bruise on the inside of my lip, and a headache. My neck went the opposite direction from what it should have and my spine is actually better after the wreck, not worse.

It’s not Life Day because I wrecked. It’s Life Day because God decided that my life didnt end there. That I would be given this entire year of adventure and beauty and crazy epic story to live out that technically, I shouldnt have. That thought just makes me so excited!

And so, today I celebrate. Life.


Insane, gorgeous, unpredictable, wonderful, joy-filled LIFE.

Dont ever take it for granted.

Dont ever stop thanking God for it.

Dont ever lose sight of the intrinsic gift that it is.

Oh yeah… and Stay beautiful. 🙂




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