Upcycle Luggage Tag {DIY Wednesday}

A couple weeks ago I found myself in need of a luggage tag, with none of my usual ones currently available I decided to make one.


Who else thinks it’s a shame to waste pretty bags from nice stores? Well now you dont have to.

I just cut a squareish shape out of the top of one side of the bag, I wanted to be able to use the nice brass grommets to reenforce the ribbon attachment.

Then just fold in half, matching the holes up, and tape it up.

Oh and you’re going to need to undo the knots on one of the bag handles.


Fold the ribbon in half and pull the loop through the grommet, then the tails through the loop and knot the ends securely.


Write your name and intel on with a Sharpie. šŸ™‚

There ya go, it’s just that easy. Remember that necessity is the mother of invention, and one must be resourceful when one has limited resources. šŸ˜‰

Stay beautiful,


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2 thoughts on “Upcycle Luggage Tag {DIY Wednesday}

  1. This is perfect!!! I love the feeling you get from even seeing an anthro bag ({obsessed much} so this is a fantastic idea! very original tag – unless you and I travel somewhere at the same time!!! šŸ™‚

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