In case you were wondering…

This blog post is going to be a little more on the personal side than most of mine. There have been a whole lot of changes in my life the last month or so and I’m going to fill you in on them, just in case any of you were wondering… which you probably werent. Or desperately wanted to know…  which you probably didnt. 😉
I have been chronically ill for just about four years now. Chronic fatigue, nausea, unexplained weight loss, chronic migraines, ect. To be honest with you, I cant even remember what “well” or “healthy” feels like. It’s never been bad enough to be serious, just enough to be painful and annoying. Doctors havent been any help at all so mostly I just internalized any pain and lived life anyway. Well it turns out that you can only tough things out for so long before your body decides something needs to be done.
So I did something. I’m going to a new doctor, got some answers as to what is really going on, and now I am radically changing my life. Radically as in, quitting my day job because my body doesnt have the energy to get up at 4:30am, work 8 hours on my feet and keep going until night. Also severe diet changes, like being gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free for at least six months to a year while my body learns how to process food again. Taking supplements and vitamins. Sleeping all night and then telling myself that it is still okay to take naps during the day.
It’s really all very boring but that’s what my body needs right now.
So I am going to use this time to throw myself headlong into life. Get to all of those little detail tasks that never seem to be accomplished for lack of time. Study everything interesting. Develop my skills as a photographer and build my business. Book tons of photoshoots and share my passion with others. Travel and see and places. Invest in people. Better organize my life.
It seems a bit idillic right now, but that’s what God told me to do and so that’s my big plan for this fall. I am so excited to see how it plays out.
Speaking of, tomorrow we are headed down to Texas for my oldest brothers graduation from Air Force pilot school and then I’m spending a few days in Dallas with one friend and then going off to see another friend. Which means blogging may become a little erratic.
Oh, and so far, I think I like living like this. 😉
Cant wait to see what this fall ends up being.
Stay beautiful,
One of my lovely co-workers and one of my favorite customers got together and gave me these flowers last Friday for my last week of work at the coffeeshop. They are perfect. Look at the pictures and color and textures! And there is even a roll of film on the flowers! Does it get any better than that? The answer is no.
These really do make me ridiculously happy.

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