Friendship and fruit smoothies

This is my friend Erika. I havent seen her or even really talked to her in nearly two years, but I have to say, she is one of the dearest friends I have. I love her very much. She texted me last week and said she was in town and wondered if we could get together. I am so happy it worked out. We sat at the mall and drank fruit smoothies and talked about life, and God and smiled and laughed.

It was amazing. I needed it so much.



Isnt she darling?

We all have people in our lives that we dont see all the time, but when we do see them, it’s as though they have always been there and we can pick up right where we left off. I think this is some sort of fellowship that a few people in the world have the privilege to belong to. It a bond with a person or group of people that doesnt weaken or fade with time or distance. Somehow, deep down, you know they’ll always be there if you need them. And they know that you’ll do the same for them. This is what makes it easy to just sit and talk whenever you get the chance, no matter how long it’s been since you last heard their voice.

Do you have people like this in your life? I hope so. If you dont, find some, right away, and be one in return. You’ll never regret it.

If you do have people like this in your life, call them up, and meet them somewhere. Then buy them a fruit smoothie and be encouraged by this incredible gift of friendship.

Stay beautiful,



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