Happy 11th Cake Day, Beka-Boo!

This is my baby sister.

Today she turned 11.

I can remember bringing her home from the hospital in a pink outfit with a bow and in a car seat. Or singing All The Pretty Little Horses to her as I rocked her to sleep. Or reading Peter Rabbit so many times that I memorized it. Or having tea parties with a plastic teapot that sang when you poured.

Sigh. I wish she was turning 4, not 11.

But anyway, she’s growing up, a definite little diva, and quite happy to be turning 11. This evening we did a mini shoot on the front porch to commemorate the occasion. Oh and the flower in her hair was actually one I made to put on her present, but she liked it and insisted on wearing it as a headband and making me promise to make her more.

She’s so easy to please. Seriously.

I love you, Beka. Thank you so much for being the reason I’m not the only girl in this family. Happy birthday!










Stay beautiful,



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