Burlap Rosette {DIY Wednesday}

I decided to make one of these lovely little rosettes [from a blog post over at Oh Hello Friend Blog] this afternoon for DIY Wednesday.

However I wanted to change it up a bit by making it a lot bigger [finished, mine is 2.5″ diameter] and by making it out of some brown burlap I had on hand to add a rougher texture. It was great fun and I think it turned out well.

I will let you read the original tutorial here, and then just note what I changed.


To start off, my burlap was 3″ wide and approximately 45″ long.


After forming and gluing the rosette, it was a bit too shredded looking.


So trim up the longer loose fibers.


And I used a scrap piece of burlap to glue to the back instead of sewing felt. Hot glue is much faster than needle and thread. 😉 Then I glued on an alligator clip and a pin for some attachment options when wearing the rosette.

[note: my alligator clip is 1″ and the pin is 3/4″ I used them because it’s what I had, but next time I think I would use a longer one.]


And there you go, a cute little accent with a lot of character.


I think it’s going to be fantastic for fall.

Stay beautiful,



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