Favorites Friday :: Bookplates

I realized the other day that I adore bookplates.

They really are brilliant.

My mom had this really old set of the Chronicles of Narnia and they had really darling bookplates in the front that her grandmother had given to her. The book also were old and yellowed and smelled like adventure. Maybe that’s why I love bookplates, because I associate them with Narnia and that heavenly book smell.

Anyway, I found this at Anthropologie the other day and thought them perfectly darling, so my mom bought them for me because she loves me. 😉


The colors are fantastic, and it even has one of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes.


I adore the script font.


It even has a typewriter! Love… love… love…

Now I just have to make myself open the package. 😉

Anyway, this made my heart smile and I thought I would share it with you. Remember to smile at the little silly things this weekend… oh, and happy Friday. 🙂

Stay beautiful,



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