Upcycled Flip Flops {DIY Wednesday}

My feet do not like cheap flip flops. The rubber hurts my feet and gives me blisters, and I’d rather be barefoot anyway.

So I decided to upcycle this pair I had them into these cute little summer sandals. I have to say, now they are much better. Cotton trumps rubber any day. And I really like how customizable they are, you could use any color flip flop and fabric you like.


You’ll need a piece of scrap fabric wide enough to tear into 4 strips, mine is 7″ by 45″, and a pair of cheap flip flops [I think mine were on clearance at Target, but I cant remember.]


Cut off the strap things.


Now you just have a pair of soles.


Use a pair of scissors to poke a hole 1/4″ down from the previously existing holes.


Like this.


Cut the fabric into 4, 1.5″ strips. Take two of the strips and fold them in half, laying them next to each other, use the point of the scissors to poke them through the top hole of the flip flop.


Using an overhand knot, knot the ends securely together on both the underside and the topside of the flip flop.


Arrange the straps and pull down through the next set of hole. Knot securely on the underside.


Pull ends back up through the last set of holes.


Lace them up and you’re ready to go.



There you go: an easy, cute, comfy project that will use up scrap fabric and old flip flops, and help keep your feet cool and happy during the hot summer. 🙂

Stay Beautiful,


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