Favorite Friday’s {Baseball, America & Freedom}

Last weekend I attended my first baseball game at the Rangers stadium in Arlington, Texas.

I think I actually like baseball… well, for an hour and a half anyway. That’s how long Rach and I were there and then we had to leave to meet someone. 😉

There’s something very American about baseball. Baseball, apple pie, freedom, and red, white and blue. I like America. Tonight I was explaining ‘freedom of speech’ to my little sister, how some countries dont have it like we do, and how blessed we really are.

I like freedom, and I like Saturday’s that include road trips and best friends and new experiences and sunshine and lots of laughs and smiles. That’s what America is to me, freedom to enjoy all of life’s little blessings and adventures, and tonight I am inexpressibly grateful for it.






Stay beautiful,



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