Summer Iced Herbal Tea {DIY Wednesday}

You have probably noticed that it’s hotter than the dickens outside. If you didnt, it means you live somewhere a lot cooler than Broken Arrow Oklahoma and I may move in with you before summer is over.

Iced drinks are one of my favorite ways to survive the summer, and since I seem to be stuck here for a while I thought I would share with you my basic iced herbal tea recipe.

You can probably use most any flavor of herbal tea with the same results. For this batch I chose Orange Blossom Hibiscus because, well, it sounded good and I wanted to try it.

[I dont have a picture of the box to show you, mom got a little excited with cleaning out the pantry and tossed it so if you want to buy some here’s what it looks like: ]


I used 9 tea bags [there are 18 bags in a box so this will make two batches]

And boil 4 cups of water.


I just like to put the tea bags in a 4 cup measuring cup and pour the boiling water over. I think it’s easier.


Wait patiently for 12 minutes… or longer if you like stronger tea =)

Strain into a half gallon pitcher, and add 4 more cups of [cold] water, and stick it in the fridge to cool off.

Some days I wish I could climb into a fridge…


Now you can sweeten the tea or leave it plain. I am trying to like and drink more unsweetened tea because it’s better for me, but I really like a splash of this vanilla syrup in my tea. It sweetens it up a little and adds a nice flavor. It’s delicious.


There you have it. An easy and refreshing way to beat the summer heat and stay hydrated!

Do you have a particular tea that you enjoy iced in the summer? I’d love to hear what kind. Someday I think I am going to create my own iced tea blend… I’ll let you know if I ever get around to it. 😉

Stay beautiful,



One thought on “Summer Iced Herbal Tea {DIY Wednesday}

  1. Ooh tea! Currently I’m liking this white tea blend by Lipton…I think it’s pomegranate and dragonfruit? I dunno. It’s froufy and delicious, which is all that matters. My method involves brewing the tea in a quart jar at night, sticking it in the fridge overnight, and hauling the jar around the next day. (And yes, I use sugar…I have a stevia plant for sweetening experimentation, though the aftertaste is a bit offputting a moi.)

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