Memorial Day {2012}

I have names.



I have known those that have given their all so that I can sit here with my tea and blog while I watch Castle and text my friends. So that I can get in my car and just drive. So I can go swimming. So I can go to the theater and watch The Avengers for the third time.

So that I am safe.

Today we remember them. Today I honor them. But for me it’s not just today, it’s everyday. My baby brother is in Afghanistan fighting for me. For you. For freedom.

I miss him.

I pray he comes home safe, as I pray for the families that are mourning their fallen tonight.

I am grateful. For these who have given the last full measure of devotion, and grateful for the freedom that I enjoy because of their sacrifice. In that gratitude I am humbled, and pray that I live my life in a way that not degrade or abuse the privilege of freedom so hard won and protected.

Stay beautiful,



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