The Best Card in the History of the World {DIY Wednesday}

Okay so this isnt actually the best card in the history of the world. But I got so excited when I was making it that I called it that. And actually it ended up being more like a book, which is fine with me, I like books. But anyway I made this for my friend Grace, and thought you all might like to see it. Hopefully it will inspire you to make amazing things {seriously, this is so cool!} for people you love.

I was inspired by this project over at Oh Hello Friend:


I just rounded up some scrapbooking supplies that I had on hand. Grace loves to travel so I used some of the travel themed odds and ends that I had been collecting for a book I havent made yet. πŸ˜‰ Since I’ve had this stuff for probably 3+ years I figure that it’s probably time to repurpose it.


I started off by stacking two sheets of regular drawing paper, and one sheet of tracing paper and sewing them all down to a piece of scrapbook paper to make a book.

{no I dont have a picture of me sewing them or cutting pages to fit… it was kind of boring and I know you can figure out what it looks like when you try this at home. πŸ˜‰ }


I picked this paper because the color and texture reminded me a passport cover and it didnt have flowers. Grace isnt big on flowers. πŸ˜‰

Stickers and stamps. It’s pretty happy so far.



Grace and I share a mutual love of quotes, so I found several and typed them up and printed them off onto some old drawing paper I have from my grandmother. [‘old paper’ code for: really awesome yellow color.]

This is sort of a “get-well” book so I included a list of “to-do” activities while she recuperates.


Some black and white comics to color and a suggested playlist.

{really like how the stamp stickers and paper tape turned out}


A place to plan out some of an up-coming trip she has.


A concept photoshoot scavenger hunt.


Hand drawn notebook paper to write down a gratefulness list.


{the end}


Love using the envelopes to stick things in. On the left I put in a card with a note and on the right are the comics for coloring.


It even has a fold out map. πŸ™‚

{I love maps}


I really loved using random embellishments like paper clips.

Well there you have it. That was my little project. I loved making this for her, and I hope this inspires you to create something for someone you care about. Even a simple handwritten note means so much these days…. and really, who doesnt love getting something in the mail? πŸ˜‰

Stay beautiful.


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