German Cole Slaw {DIY Wednesday}

I’m not a fan of cole slaw. I think it’s squishy and slimy and the taste isnt worth the effort of trying to get over the texture. That being said, there is one cole slaw that I dont just like, I love it.

It’s called German Cole Slaw.

Maybe it’s the bacon. Bacon fixes everything.

Anyway, this was my supper tonight. It would make a great addition to a summer meal, but I like eating it for the meal with some crackers on the side. I’m sure it helps that I’m not very hungry when it’s hot and it got pretty warm today. {Dreading summer… ugh.}

But it’s delicious, tangy, and the bacon adds a nice salty flavor and gives you something to chew. 😉

{German Cole Slaw}

3/4 c. Bacon {fried and crumbled}

2 c. Cabbage {grated or chopped}

2 T. Lemon juice

1 t. Salt

1/2 c. Mayonnaise

2 T. Parsley {chopped}

1 T. Onion {minced}

Optional:: I omitted

4 T. Green Pepper {chopped}

::Mix together::



Chop up the cabbage.


And parsley.

{Raise your hand if you’re grateful that it’s summertime and we get fresh herbs again :raises hand:}


Fry the bacon. Oh yum.


Here’s a tip: microwave your lemon for 10-15 seconds then firmly roll on your counter before cutting. This will help you get the most juice out of your lemon.




Drain the bacon on a paper towel.


Add the bacon right before serving so that it stays crispy. Refrigerate leftovers {you probably wont have to worry about having leftovers ;)} but this is best eaten the same day.


Add freshly ground pepper if desired.

Seriously. This is amazing. You should make it, eat it, and love it.

Stay beautiful,



One thought on “German Cole Slaw {DIY Wednesday}

  1. I don’t like coleslaw much either…but I think I could convert for this. Yes, it’s the bacon. I’m becoming a die-hard for the stuff. XD

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