RTC: Big Sandy, TX {2012}

Last week I had the opportunity to serve as staff at our annual homeschooling conference down in Texas. I was in charge of a group of 12 Pre-Excel girls {ages 7-11} for about 9 hours a day. I figured out that if you add up the total amount of time I had with each girl, I had approximately 324 hours of direct influence into individual lives.


Pre-Excel means a lot to me because it is a sub-program of the Excel program that I attended in Dallas, Texas 3 years ago. Excel changed my life, and I want to share what God taught me there with others.

It’s also close to my heart because I know how crucial this age group is. Now is the time that foundations are being laid. Battles are being fought. Life is starting to shape who they are going to be. I love these littles. And more than anything I want them to know who they are. To people. To me. And to the God that created them. They must know that they are loved.

At one point I was worrying over a craft that might not get finished and God whispered: “Alaina… what were you thinking about this morning?”

“Influence is nothing without relationship. People dont care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Just love them.”

So I did.

And seriously, do you see these faces? They were not hard to love, I assure you. =)

Love and miss my littles. They might not remember crafts or activities or songs, but I hope they remember that I loved them. And that God loves them more.


Yes, it says “I love my teacher.”

No, I did not put her up to it.






This is Ava. I want to keep her forever.


Oh how I hate cheetos…


That’s Jessie on the left, and Chloe on the right.

Chloe wrote me a note that said: “You are so much fun. You made my day when you told me I could be with you. You make me happy when I am sad. You are so cool. Love, Chloe”

I want to keep them forever too.


Most {Ava had left and Beka was busy} of my littles. Love and miss them. Honored to have been a part of their young courageous stories.

Stay beautiful,



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