Scrap Bracelets {DIY Wednesday}

One of my current happy smiles is stacked bracelets. I love them. And the more the merrier. I have made several different colors of these and they are so fun and easy, they make great gifts, and are super cute to boot! If you’re feeling “blingy” you can embellish with charms or buttons or even bows. Endless possibilities!


You will need:

:scrap fabric, approximately 44″ wide:

::note: I did pre-wash the fabric, but didn’t iron out the wrinkles because I’m lazy and only going to cut it all up. Also you will want to select a fabric that you like for the colors, not the pattern, because when you’re done you’re not going to see the pattern::

:crochet hook, size M:

:cutting mat, ruler, and fabric cutter/ or a pair of scissors, but the mat and ruler will save time:


Cut a two inch strip of the fabric {this is all you will need for a bracelet, which makes this a perfect project for leftover material from other sewing ventures} and make a slip knot at one end, leaving about a three inch tail.


Using the hook, crochet a simple chain.


::note: this will make a tight chain, make sure that you keep your stitches from twisting, and if you want the brightest colors, make sure that the right side of your fabric is showing::


Continue to desired length, or until about three inches of the fabric remains. Pull the tail through to finish.

::note: now is a good time to slip on a charm if desired:

Knot securely.

You can trim the ties and frays if you like, but I prefer to leave them. I think they add character. πŸ˜€


Then you borrow your little sisters hand for a demonstration. πŸ˜‰

There you have it! Fast, cheap, and so much fun. I hope they make you smile like they do me.

Stay beautiful,


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