Reflections on the Titanic {100 years}

A group of musicians, knowing that their heartbeats were numbered, playing on and on into the ever increasing darkness striving to rally their fellow crew and passengers. 

A man that had devoted his life to saving souls using his last words to encourage and exhort those drowning with him. 

A young boy franticly tapping out an S.O.S. clinging to the hope that it will make the difference. 

Crew that insisted that women and children must be saved, and shot those that could only think of themselves. 

Women that said good-bye to their husbands, knowing that they would be raising their children alone. 




So many that paid the ultimate price. As I reflect on the stories and lives that were lived and lost on the RMS Titanic , the question that I am left with is would I? 

Would I willingly give my life to ensure the safety of others? 

Would I stay by my post? No matter what the cost? 

When the time counts, when I’m needed most, am I going to run? Or will I stay the course?  

Being a hero is not comfortable or convenient. It’s bloody, and messy, and painful, and usually ends up costing a whole lot more than you bargain for. 

II Samuel 24:24 says “Neither will I offer up unto the Lord… that which doth cost me nothing.” 

I hope I always stay the course. I hope I have enough character and integrity to do what I know what is right, no matter the cost, rather than what is comfortable or convenient. And may I always give of myself for the sake and comfort of another. 

Stay beautiful,



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