10 Favorite {current} Inspirations

Inspiration can be found in moments. In smiles. In light. In color. In the little things. Here are some things that currently inspire me. What’s inspiring you these days? I’d love to hear about it.
1. Green grass. It’s so wonderful to see something besides brown again.
2. The Piano Guys. Really loving listening to this fantastic arrangements on my afternoon runs. These guys are amazing. And I suddenly want to play the cello.
3. Sunshine.

4. Iced Coffee. It’s amazing. And at least makes me feel like I’m being super productive. Or it’s just been too hot outside not to be sipping icy things… either way.

5. Handwritten Letters. My dear Abby is away at school and we’re writing back and forth. My heart smiles when I get one of her notes in the mail.
6. Tiny flowers
7. Fresh paint. Mom and I are re-doing the former schoolroom to be my bedroom, and it’s looking so clean with the new coat of color.
8. My vintage cameras. I love them. I wish they could tell me stories of the people they’ve known and the pictures they’ve taken. { P.S.-these are only two of my collection}
9. Lake Days with Buddie.
10. Bare feet. Okay, maybe a bit silly, but I cant stand shoes, my toes like wiggle room! And I love the time of year when I can (and still look sane) walk around outside barefoot.
Happy weekend! Stay beautiful!

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