Wedding Book {DIY Wednesday}

Welcome to my first post of DIY Wednesday!

[Just for the record, I love DIY anything and everything so this is a big part of my life and why it’s going to be part of my blog. Also for the record, I loved it before Pinterest made being crafty and DIY-ish ‘cool’]

Anyway, DIY Wednesday will be where I share recipes, ideas, projects [my own, or from others]… basically anything I like, that I think you might also appreciate or be interested in. I cant remember a time in my life where I didnt see something I liked in a store, and picked it apart in my brain to figure out how I could make it better or more personal. It fascinates me. I love the challenge. I love creating with my hands something I pictured in my head. I love seeing it come together and the final result being something unique and personal.

Now some of you might think this is odd. Why in the world would you make something you could buy? Think of all the time you’ll save! [To be honest, I see your point… half-way into most projects I think I’m totally bonkers, but I usually push past that point.]

Whichever of these groups you come from, I do hope these posts will at least be amusing, if not informative. And if you’re planning your wedding [or some other special event,] I do hope they will be helpful.

Today’s project isnt my own idea, but I love it, and I want to share it with you.

I have made several of these as gifts and they are fantastic. Not just for a wedding album or a guest book, but for journals, sketchbooks, just about anything.

If you are having trouble finding a vintage book for the cover, try your local library’s sale shelf or a thrift store. You can find a good hardcover book for around $1.00 or so and they are usually in great shape. If you do this idea, stenciling on the front/back of the book might also be an idea. I like to glue ribbon to the outside of the binding to cover the book title.

Get creative, friend. And I’d love to hear about your endeavors. =)

Stay beautiful… live inspired!


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