Hatch Family

May I just say? I love my job! First I found the most fantastic location in all of history, then I get to spend my evening with this lovely family with three of the most darling littles I’ve ever met.

Jennifer comes by my coffee shop sometimes with her girls in tow and that’s how we met. That led to being pinterest and facebook friends, and of course the girls and I have had extensive conversations about dress-up and tea parties. 😉 One evening when I had a weekend to myself, we went on this shoot and out for dinner. Not only did I get some really happy images, but I also have some new friends! We had so much fun, and I am so glad this worked out, thanks guys for a delightful evening. 🙂


Stay beautiful,



LaDonna & Luis

Had a fantastic afternoon hanging out with this lovely couple for a bridal session. I have known LaDonna’s family for quite some time, and they are truly a blessing.

Thanks, LaDonna and Luis, for hanging out with me for the afternoon, and for being so much fun and keeping me laughing. I hope that your life together is full of unexpected blessings and grace.


Stay beautiful,


Gabriel & Cherish

So my little brother got married. Well I guess he isnt technically little anymore, but he’ll always be my little brother. Anyway he got married a couple months ago and we had a fun mini-shoot when I went to see him in the early part of March.

Gabriel is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Army Infantry, and my darling sister-in-law Cherish is pregnant with my first nephew! I’m so excited! I can wait to meet the little guy, and for my brother to come home. 🙂


Stay Beautiful,


Rachel Karen

Had a lovely afternoon hanging out with this incredible girl, oh and you’ll probably see a lot of her because she happens to be my best friend, and that means that she’s kind of my very own personal {and very lovely} model. 😉

Thanks Rachel, for putting up with your crazy photographer bestie, and 35 mph winds, and equipment problems. Mostly thanks for your friendship, and for always being up for an adventure. I love ya, kid.


{P.S. Isn’t she darling?!}

Stay beautiful,